I'm fascinated with panoramic photography, which is the closest reference to the natural human visual perception. In this fast phase digital age I still photograph using film. Wide format allows me to unroll the whole scene instead of just a square crop of the conventional digital camera. My creative process involves pre-visualization, processing an image in my mind before even touching equipment.

I often walk with just a viewfinder without the camera , looking for scenes, angles, learning sun movement so I can come back to capture it. It's a pleasant adventure, a play of light, time and weather conditions. Those are my challenges and best friends at the same time. Sometimes I get unexpected results... I believe there is a hidden magic in film photography, and that's what keeps me inspired.


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Guestbook for NationPanorama
Great photos! I especially like the ones in nature and by the sea. I've always found a great deal of importance in walking to find my shots, glad to hear you do the same!
Janet Schafer(non-registered)
Your work is incredibly beautiful! I felt as though I was "in the scene" enjoying the images you captured. I agree with you that using film rather than digital is a more enjoyable medium.