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I see myself as painter with the camera.
My work is saturated with sentimental feelings, the inner goal is to bring the viewer back in time, present a whole vista as we see it with our both eyes, bring emotions through color and lighting. Wide format allows me to unroll the whole scene instead of just a square crop of the conventional camera.  Images I capture are taken with film only, in panoramic format and have physical form since the moment of creation. I often walk with just a viewfinder, looking for scenes, angles, learning sun movement so I can come back to capture it. It's a pleasant adventure, a play of light, time and weather conditions. Those are my challenges and best friends at the same time. 


I still support good American brand - Kodak. My photography is unique since I don’t use digital camera. 
Recently, I came out with the idea to present my images on glass.
The idea came after years of studying lighting and color.
Yuriy Zahvoyskyy
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